Interior Lightboxes - Case Study

Interior Light Boxes - Makes all the difference

A Case Study of Custom TexFrame Fabric Lightboxes for a dental clinic.


FY Smile Dental Clinic opened at their brand-new location in Double Bay, with state-of-the-art facilities they envisioned a tranquil atmosphere for treating their patients.

Working with Sydney Based Interior Architecture firm Esoterico, incorporated superb innovative interior renovations, which suggested illuminated graphic features to soften the white palette of its treatment room, foyer and storefront window.  

For the staff and patients of FY Smile a comfortable and stress-free environment was the goal to achieve by placing beautiful imagery of a Zen Garden.  

During the initial consultation, the clinic owner and designer were inspired by the previous projects undergone for other customers with a similar vision. Which gained confidence in ADI Displays’ capabilities for being chosen to be part of the project.


3 spaces require an illuminated image, each need to be custom-built to seamlessly blend into the interior and must have easy access for change in graphics or maintenance. 

Challenge 1 - Storefront Bay Window & Main Treatment Room

The light box must create a continuity to the room and have easy access, as the main treatment room faces the street with a floor to ceiling window opening.

The plan is to have a dual functional light box posing as a decorative divider for patient privacy between the treatment room and the storefront window display. Viewed from the inside a garden image and on the reverse street view a graphic with sculpture.


  • TexFrame Fabric Light box - 140mm deep profile double sided
  • Edge-Lit LED
  • Built-in Slim body LED power supply
  • Swing Open Feature - Higgins on one side with low profile castors on the bottom
  • Silicon Edge Fabric graphics on both sides

The double-sided light box was built to the maximum height and width allowed for the opening of the bay window display. The slim body LED transformer was built into the light box which simplified the external wiring. The light box acted as a swing door by the installed hinges to one side and low-profile castor wheels attached to the bottom for easy opening and access to the bay window display. 

Challenge 2 - Foyer Feature Wall 

The initial idea for the foyer wall was for a faux window surrounding the light box to imitate a window that looks out into a garden. However, once the light box  was mounted they decided to leave off the faux window frame and rely solely on the clean aesthetic of the TexFrame light box as the main focal feature of the foyer.


  • TexFrame Fabric Light Box 100mm deep profile single sided
  • Edge-Lit LED
  • Built-In Slim Body LED Power Supply
  • Wall Mounted

Challenge 3 - Small Treatment Room

The small treatment room is an internal room without a window. A floor to ceiling height light box must be flush with the wallso the sides of the light box are hidden. 


  • TexFrame Fabric Light box 40mm deep single-sided profile 
  • Backlit LED Curtain 

  • Install in the recess of the wall 

A small recess was prepared for the wall, so we used the  slim 40mm deep profile TexFrame Light box with back-lit LED curtain for the fabric graphic.  


A memorable project for all involved, seeing the chosen garden imagery come to lifeusing dye sublimated printed graphics enhanced by the LED Edge-Lit TexFrame light box. This project showcased the adaptability of TexFrame products in its practicality for custom jobs that require problem solving and ingenuity. 

Happy to say the project was a success in hitting the brief and in delivering the clinic's vision for a safe and relaxing space when visiting FY Smile Dental Clinic. 



"Our light boxes have added a finishing touch to a space that is so driven by patient centric customer experience. The quality of the craftsmanship and the fact that ADI Displays went above and beyond our expectations is a true testament to their product and company." Nicola - FY Smile

"A great experience dealing with ADI Displays, we are very happy with the result for our client and your proactive approach to customizing." Anna - Esoteriko



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