Fabric Pop Up (FPU)

The lightweight aluminium collapsible frame expands and is held in place with interlocking, plastic clip-style connectors. No assembly required. The Fabric Graphic easily attaches to the frame using Velcro strips and can be left on when packed away for a quick & easy set up. Lights are optional.

Suitable for:

•  Exhibitions/Trade shows
•  Retail/Corporate Interiors
•  Shopping Centres

Fabric PopUp Counter

Fabric PopUp Counter

BANNERAD™ Fabric Counter Size:  1000mm (w) x 1000mm (h) x 300mm (d) Constructed using li.....

Fabric PopUp Wall 2x3

Fabric PopUp Wall 2x3

BANNERAD™ Fabric PopUp Wall 2x3 Size:  1525mm (w) x 2270mm (h) x 300mm (d) Constructed u.....

Fabric PopUp Wall 3x3

Fabric PopUp Wall 3x3

BANNERAD™ Fabric PopUp Wall 3x3 Size:  2270mm (w) x 2270mm (h) x 300mm (d) Constructed u.....

Fabric PopUp Wall 4x3

Fabric PopUp Wall 4x3

BANNERAD™ Fabric PopUp Wall 4x3 Size:  3010mm (w) x 2270mm (h) x 300mm (d) Constructed u.....

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