Exhibits Exhibition Conference Stand Design Portable Displays Custom Build RiggingOverhead rigging banners & 3D structures can be constructed using the lightweight, portable TexFrame system & fitted with grand format printed fabrics to a variety of geometric shapes & sizes.

Large format images & signage suspended over a stand will not only clearly identify the presence of a brand or product, it will make a solid statement about the level of confidence the organisation has for its products.

Rigging displays are possibly the most effective method of placing your identity or message into an unobstructed view.

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T-FPU Accessories makes the system end-user friendly, stand-alone, modular, re-usable and reconfigurable display solution for multiple shows.

With the instaLITE Mobile Light Box the possibilities are endless, combining other light boxes to create unique structures is easy with the instaLITE accessory connectors and add-ons

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