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ADI DISPLAYS  June 2021 eUpdate 

Welcome to the June EOFY Edition of ADI Displays eUpdate

At the critical EOFY time of year, in this edition we focus on delivering you solutions to maximise your display sign budget, optimise your investment in display systems and save you money on future trade shows and applications.

Yes, all that is possible with the ADI Displays affordable, flexible and re-configurable TexFrame Fabric Graphics Display System.

We’ve also produced videos to show how to install our systems to assist with correctly instructing your team.

Maximise Your Display Sign Budget and Investment

Like most businesses you’re probably always looking at ways to cut your outgoings, maximise your investment in hardware and equipment and achieve future savings. To balance or preferably better your budget.

At ADI Displays we’re listening to your needs and have engineered and designed our display systems to effectively reduce your costs on display systems.

Our TexFrame Fabric Graphics Display System is a solution available to you right now!

TexFrame Fabric Graphics Display

1. Flexible Configurations, Durable Construction

We have designed our TexFrame Fabric Graphics Display system to provide you with a reconfigurable system that has the flexibility to cater for small or larger spaces, in some cases, with additional add-ons. So you only have to purchase one core system to have the capability to use it for several expos, trade fairs or applications no matter the size or layout shape of your space/booth.

The elements of the system easily lock into place and can be varied to suit your configuration. Start small, then with add-ons, expand the system to cater for larger spaces in the future.

The high quality, durable engineering ensures a long-life for the system, so it can be used over and over for many expos/trade shows over many years. Thus saving you money in replacing the entire system for every application or show.

Watch our video to see exactly how easily the TexFrame Display system can be re-configured

TexFrame Fabric Exhibits Event Display
TexFrame Fabric Graphics Exhibits Event Display

2. Interchangeable Graphics

The graphics on the TexFrame systems are easily changed so the same ‘hardware’ system can be used for multiple purposes. We have designed the TexFrame system so the graphics can easily be applied and removed without any specialist skills.

So you can use the same system many times and achieve a new look every time with new graphics.

Texframe Fabric Exhibition Displays Shell Scheme


If your company has multiple departments that can ‘share’ equipment, the TexFrame system is an ideal money-saver. Departments can share the same TexFrame hardware system and simply have different graphics produced for their own specific product, service or application.

For multiple product uses, you can even change the graphics for the next showing or update the look of your stand at a multi-day event to suit different audiences.

The complete system packs away into a neat carry bag to ensure nothing goes missing between shows – provided it is packed away correctly!

TexFrame Fabric Graphic Exhibition Display Stand

3. Easy Install

One of the key features of ADI Displays systems is that they are easy to install without specialist trade skills. This means you can easily erect and dismantle the display yourself, thus saving you the cost of expensive trades on site, every time you want the display set up.

Video of TexFrame Fabric Graphic Exhibition Display


To see exactly how easy the set-up is, we have produced a video 

  • See how easily the team lay out the elements in a relatively small set up space.
  • Elements are laid out on the floor, secured with a screwdriver, then lifted into position.
  • The graphics are then simply attached and as you can see, that is a very easy step
  • So specialist skills, you only need to know how to use a screwdriver!

So there you have it. One investment cost in ADI Displays TexFrame System gives you many years, many trade shows and many products worth of usage.

That’s taking creativity through to visual and budget reality!
For more information visit or contact ADI Displays


The complete system packs away into a neat carry bag to ensure nothing goes missing between shows – provided it is packed away correctly!

Texframe Case
TexFrame Fabric Graphic Exhibition Displays

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Posted by ADI Displays Team
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