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Roadcase Mark III is available with a "No Components" section for your TexFrame display and general use. Designed with open compartment, this model gives you the freedom to transport and store your additional expo items.   

Featuring stackable configuration, mounted on three rows of lockable castor wheels, the Roadcase consists of the Top Cover, the Middle Tray and the Base Tray. Additional Middle Trays can be added depending the size of the Lightbox. 

Key Benefits:

  • Protecting your valuable investment from damage in transit.
  • Easier to manage for transportation and storage.
  • Adaptive to the size of display by having additional Middle Trays available.

This standard configuration includes two Level Trays and a Top Cover:

  • Base Tray with Caster Wheels
    Internal space: 1585mm x 400mm x 165mm
  • Middle Tray
    Internal space: 1590mm x 400mm x 165mm
  • Top Cover.
    Internal Space 100 high: 2 x 500mm x 420mm

Total weight: 45kgs

Shipping Dimensions: 1670mm wide x 500mm deep x 690mm high


Packaging Specifications
Shipping Dimensions (cm) 167cm wide x 50cm deep x 69cm high
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