Re-Introduce BANNERAD range of Retractable/Pull Up Banner Stand

Retractable Banner Stand, also known as Pull-Ups, is the most well known portable display product in the market. 

The BANNERAD range of Pull-Ups is covering all types of customers application, preference and budget. Each model is uniquely designed and offering better values and meet the requirements of each customer. 

The S Series is the starting model in the BANNERAD Retractable Banner range. S Series is built with a simple mechanism. There are more aluminium materials used for the construction of the S Series throughout the body, top-rail connection, feet and the internal rolling system. S Seris able to erect the banner to a standard 2140mm high. S Series is best known for durable and user-friendly operation. The original model of BA-80 is still the best seller year after year.



To meet the demands of high volume applications which require a budget model. ADI introduced E Series, the economic model to the BANNERAD Retractable Banner range. E Series is also built with the standard design of the mechanism with thinner aluminium for the body and more plastic components for it internal rolling system. The height of banner is 2000mm. E Series is much lighter in weight, so as much reduced in price.



We are now adding two new models to S Series and E SeriesBA-80-M2 and BA-80Lite-M2 with a lower price tag. BA-80-M2 and BA-80Lite-M2 are built with an improved base design. The new base design includes a Pole Locator which offers a more straightforward pole fitting for uses. Both End-Plates and Feet are made of black plastic. The feet are more extensive and turning more smoothly than their precursors. Prices are also slightly lower. 


G Series models are built to last. With the same simplicity of the original design for the mechanism, ADI constructs G Series models in extra heavy duty aluminium throughout the entire body externally and internally. Therefore, G Series is available in a broader range up to 1.5m wide at 2140mm in height. G Stands for Guarantee. ADI offers a lifetime guarantee for all G Series models.



S Series, E Series and G Series are sharing the original shared design for the mechanism. They are different from build construction and material used. They offer different level strength and durability. However, there are no significant innovative features and improved user-experiences.

The Q Series is the real premium retractable banner display in the marketplace. ADI designed and developed the Q Series from the ground up in Australia.   ADI owns multiple national and international Design Registrations and Patents for the Q Series. In addition to high-quality of build and construction, Q Series offers at least four visible innovative features for an impactful, versatile banner display:

  • Full face banner display, see no stand from the front.
  • High-quality telescopic pole for setting banner at any height from 840mm to 2400mm
  • Magnetic Link multiple stands to form an extended display
  • Unique Tension Control mechanism

For our customers who are using the Q Series models, they are indeed enjoying the benefits of the Q Series delivering the highest performance and retaining high-value customers as a result. 

Among all models of BANNERAD range, there is one thing in common. That is the consistency in quality. ADI offer a minimum 12-month up to lifetime warranty. 

Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you further.

Posted by William
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