Why BANNERAD Q Series is one of a kind

Why BANNERAD Q Series is one of a kind

ADI Displays’ Q Series retractable banner stand sets a benchmark in retractable/roll up banner displays. As a member of the BANNERAD™ portable display family it offers a quality retractable display that is versatile and user friendly. The full face display maximises message exposure, and with an adaptive height and expandable width display, this banner stand is the best in the business.

The innovative design of the Q Series retractable banner stand is built by ADI Displays in Australia, with a multinational patent and design registration.

Bringing the Q Series to life was the result of thorough research, unique market insight as a leading supplier in banner displays, bold concept design and fine engineering combining innovation with practical features. 

Why Q Series is the premier banner brand

If you are looking for a large portable graphic display that is flexible in usage and easy to set up, or a backdrop for an exhibition booth the answer is Q Series. Q Series retractable banner stand will set you apart from your competitors with these unique features:

  • Full face display: The Q Series is the first one of its kind that is able to present a full face display without showing the body of the banner stand. The result is a professional finish, allowing seamless and uninterrupted communication of your messages.​​
  • Join multiple units together*: Both side plates of the Q Series body are neat and flush with embedded magnetic blocks. This allows multiple stands to connect side-by-side easily to form an extended wide display. The top bar also comes with magnetic connectors to form an aligned display.
  • Adjustable to any height range: The Q Series is equipped with a twist-lock telescopic pole which allows the banner to be displayed at any height between 84 cm to 2.4 metres, for easy use in places with height restrictions.
  • Perfect Tension: The Q Series has a unique tension control mechanism that eliminates the issue of accidentally losing spring tension and makes for an easily inter-changeable banner.

So, now you know why we are crazy about our one of a kind Q Series retractable banner stand, for more information click here, or call our team on +61 2 8518 1950 - and don't forget to connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date on our product news.


*Artists impression of Q Series magnetic connectors:



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