T-FPU 2x3 Module (Backlit)


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T-FPU Modular

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TFPU 2x3 Artwork TemplateComplete Unit consists of: 2x3 Module is TexFrame Fabric Pop-Up in 2 sections wide x 3 sections high;  It is an auxiliary module for use with primary modules (in most cases). Silicon edge fabric graphics for front and 2 side panels printed on high density polyester fabric.

Each unit consists of:

1 x Pop-Up frame of 2 section (wide) x 3 sections (high)

1 x Full set 45degree Channel Bar Corner Conversion Set (installed before despatch)

1 x Full set 45degree Channel Bars (4 x 2 Section; 4 x 3 Sections; 4 x End Section)

2 x 3-Section LED Curtain

2 x Power Supplies

1 x Canvas Carry Bag


General Info
Transport Case Yes
Hardware Specifications
Frame Width (mm) 1500
Frame Height (mm) 2250
Frame Depth (mm) 360
Packaging Specifications
Carton Weight (kg) 13
Carton Dimensions (cm) 23 x 37 x 87