140mm Double Sided

TexFrame Fabric Lightbox 140mm deep double side extrusion profile

TexFrame Fabric Lightbox – 140mm Deep Double Sided Profile

140mm deep double sided profile is the most versatile solution for exhibition and event applications. With smart TexFrame accessories, we can build any custom size jumbo lightbox with an easy assembly and dismantle feature. A Plug-In and Play approach for connection LED cables. It should be easy enough for customer to self-assemble the lightbox onsite.

A special road case is designed for 3m x 2.5m lightbox with all components securely packed in the compartments, resulting in safe transportation and easy storage. This generates as an opportunity for a rental service to customers.

The default finish is Natural Anodized Aluminum. Custom colour is available by Powder Coating.



All TexFrame Fabric Lightboxes are built to order with customised accessories for specific applications. Please contact us for a quotation.

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