Fabric Jumbo Lightbox

Fabric Jumbo Lightbox


And then there was light!

The TexFrame Fabric Jumbo Lightbox illuminates, showcases and highlights your message and brings the WOW factor to your expo stand in a deceptively easy to transport and easy to set-up display system.

The frameless design eliminates borders to maximise the visual area, the LED lighting technology provides optimum illumination and the dye sublimation fabric print technique creates vibrancy and life to the visual.

Specifically designed and constructed for exhibition and event applications, this stunning Fabric Illuminated Display system works just as effectively and easily in retail and office fit-out environments with choice of single or double-sided options.

TexFrame Light Box


TexFrame Light Box

The impressive impact of the light box conceals the simplicity of this very clever, free-standing display system.

A lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame contains a channel which holds the LED lighting and the fabric visual is easily mounted over the frame.

All TexFrame Light Boxes are custom made to any size for both free standing and wall mounted applications and are flat-packed for easy transport and storage.

Construction and Design Features

The solid Corner Connection and In-line Connection can be assembled with one single tool, with the option of a Tension Lock for connecting corners for quick and easy assembling and dismantling.

The universal utility channel is purposely designed to mount LED lighting and the Support Beam. Available in 140mm deep for double sided and 100mm and 60mm deep for Single-side backlit fabric displays.

Plugin & Play EdgeMax LED modules can be easily mounted and connected for quick assemble and dismantle. The high luminescence of the LEDs delivers significant savings by reducing the number of LED modules required. Light beams project from the edges, filling the space evenly inside the lightbox.

Clever Features Deliver Real Benefits

  • - 'Frameless' design maximizes the visual area and eliminates borders to give maximum message impact
  • - Modem LED lighting technology delivers a bright and even illumination across the entire visual area
  • - Dye sublimation printing on fabric technique is an environmentally friendly graphic production which creates vibrant, stunning colours which can be reused and is easily interchanged
  • - Graphics can be folded without creasing to saving on freight costs
  • - Graphic installations can be carried out by the users to save on installation costs
  • - Build to order with smart accessories for both permanent installation and portable applications
  • - Single sided and double sided options make it ideal for more locations
  • - Narrow frame optimises use of space
  • - Flat pack solutions for easy transportation and storage

Available depth of extrusion profiles are 60mm, 100mm and 140mm.

All TexFrame Fabric Lightboxes are built to order with customised accessories for specific applications.

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