PopUp A Frame - Small

WindFlag PopUp A Frame Small...

PopUp A Frame - Large

WindFLag PopUp A Frame Large...

PopUp A Frame - Medium

WindFlag PopUp A Frame Medium...

PopUp A Frame

PopUp A Frames are dye sublimated graphics applied to lightweight, flexible fiberglass rods and sewn in to form its horizontal shape.

Assemble and pack up takes a matter of seconds and stores into a bag for easy transportation.  Each unit includes a set of steel pegs for securing to soft ground.

Available in three different widths.

Suitable for:

•  Outdoor/Indoor Events
•  Sports carnivals

•  Fundraiser events

PopUp A Frame - Large

PopUp A Frame - Large

Fabric PopUp A-Frame - Large Size: 2700 mm (w) x 1100 mm (h) Constructed using fiberglass rods 1 .....

PopUp A Frame - Medium

PopUp A Frame - Medium

Fabric PopUp A-Frame - Medium Size: 2000 mm (w) x 1000 mm (h) Constructed using fiberglass rods 1.....

PopUp A Frame - Small

PopUp A Frame - Small

Fabric PopUp A-Frame - Small Size: 1260 mm (w) x 620 mm (h) Constructed using fiberglass rods 1 Y.....

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Dear Customer,

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- Be seen from anywhere on the exhibition floor.

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