How to easily change BANNERAD Q Series graphics for reuse

How to easily change BANNERAD Q Series graphics for reuse

ADI Displays’ BANNERADTM Q Series was thoughtfully engineered to be impactful, easy to use and reusable. We know how important it is to maximise the value of your banner display while retaining the ability to refresh your message. We love it when customers reuse their Q Series banner stands over and over, simply by adding new banner graphics!


Why should I reskin and reuse my BANNERAD Q Series?

The BANNERAD Q Series is made of a durable aluminium frame and a unique tension control mechanism that combine to create a banner stand that can last a lifetime. The tension control mechanism allows total release of tension on the base of the Q Series and can regain the tension by turning the key provided – this means the banner graphic can be easily changed and replaced by you, saving you time and money every time you need a new message displayed on your banner stand.

Each time you require a new banner display – simply order the banner and refit it to the stand yourself! (This saves on shipping costs too as we will only ship the fabric banner, not the heavy stand).

If you are travelling with your banner stands, Q Series is the convenient alternative, the ability to easily reskin your Q Series means you can carry one banner stand with multiple banners – and change the banner as necessary for each location – saving you the space and weight of travelling with multiple banner stands. 


How to reskin your BANNERAD Q Series:

In addition to the hardware, each Q Series banner stand comes with four key tools to assist you with reskinning the banner yourself to save you money and time:

-          1 x re-tension key

-          1 x tension releasing key

-          1 pair of MagLink end caps for the gripping bar

These tools add a whole lot of value to your Q Series, providing you the ability to reskin your banner stand for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one each time you need to change your design. To reskin your Q Series:

1. Unpack the contents of your BANNERAD Q Series carry bag

2. Trim the banner to size

3. Slide the upper edge of the banner into the gripping area 





3. Close the gripping bar fully to secure the banner and attach the end cap or MagLink end caps (these magnetic links allow multiple Q Series to stand side by side and create a continuous banner stand.)










4. Prepare the ZipOn strip with double sided tape on the back (note: ZipOn Strips are not a standard item, and can be used on all models of retractable strands - ZipOn Strips are available from ADI Displays)

5. Turn the banner face down

6. Apply the ZipOn strip on the bottom edge of the banner from the back (teeth up) and apply the clear tape over the edge of the ZipOn strip for extra security

7. Apply the ZipOn strip teeth down on the Leading Sheet (the piece of fabric that remains attached to the stand) and apply clear tape over the edge of the ZipOn strip for extra security

9. Turn the unit upside down and connect the banner to the leading sheet with ZipOn strips

10. Hold the banner then remove the pin and slowly guide the banner while retracting 





11. If  you need extra tension, insert the re-tension key to the side of the stand, as shown below

12. You also can release the tension by fully inserting the tension release key as shown below

13. To adjust or re-tension, wind the retention key

14. Adjust the tension just enough to retract the banner into the unit

15. Now your new banner is ready for use!


To watch these step-by-step instructions in full action on our YouTube page, below:



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