Assembly Guide - 3D TexFrame

Assembly Guide - 3D TexFrame

This guide will provide you with the knowledge required to assemble our 3D TexFrames - in this instance we'll be using a 700mm x 700mm x 700mm cube to demonstrate this.

When you purchase a TexFrame system from us all that you need will be supplied! For each cube display there will be:

  • 12 x 3D extrusion lengths (cut to the size you require)
  • 8 x 3D extrusion corners
  • 1 x alen key

TexFrame 3D Product



Step 1:

To begin; lay out one side of the cube as we have done.

3D TexFrame Assembly Top View

It's worth noting that the corners and the straight lengths can only be assembled one way.

3D TexFrame Extrusion Corner Profile

Step 2:

Slide the corners into a section of the extrusion, use the supplied alen key to tighten the grubs.

(Each join has 2 grubs that need to be tightened.)

3D TexFrame Corner Assembly

Step 3:

Repeat the above step for the opposite end of the same piece of extrusion, so that you have formed a U shape.

3D TexFrame Corner Assembly

Step 4:

Attach the two remaining corners to the last piece of extrusion. 


Step 5:

Once they are attached slide both corners into the U shape & tighten the grubs to complete the side.

3D TexFrame Final Corner Assembly

Step 6:

Repeat the above process to complete the second side of the cube.

3D TexFrame Section Complete

Step 7:

Attach the remaining 4 pieces of extrusion to the corners, tightening all grubs as you go.

3D TexFrame Upright Section Complete

Step 8:

Take the second, completed, side and attach its corners to the vertical pieces of extrusion.

Again, tightening all grubs.

You've made a cube!

3D TexFrame Frame Complete

3D TexFrame Complete

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