WindFlag Rectangle - Small

Rectangle Small Package...

WindFlag Rectangle - Medium

Rectangle Medium Package...

WindFlag Rectangle - Large

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Each unit is constructed using quality fiberglass and aluminium poles.

Transporation is made easy with supplied deluxe compartmented carry bags.

Graphic is dye sublimation printing on 100% Polyester Fabric. 

WindFlag Print Options
Single Sided: 80% bleed through (mirror image) other side
Double Sided: Single layer blockout between two prints, right reading on both sides

WindFlag Size Options

Product Code Height Graphic Size
WR-S 1700 mm 630 mm (w) x 1400 mm (h)
WR-M 2300 mm 630 mm (w) x 1990 mm (h)
WR-L 3400 mm 715 mm (w) x 2900 mm (h)

Rectangle WindFlag Portable Display Wind Flag

WindFlag Rectangle - Small

WindFlag Rectangle - Small

WindFlag Rectangle - Small Maximum Height: 1700 mm Constructed using lightweight alu.....

WindFlag Rectangle - Medium

WindFlag Rectangle - Medium

WindFlag Rectangle - Medium Maximum Height: 2300 mm Constructed using lightweight aluminium 1.....

WindFlag Rectangle - Large

WindFlag Rectangle - Large

WindFlag Rectangle - Large Maximum Height: 3400 mm Constructed using lightweight aluminiu.....

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